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Case Study OneVictor Rutherford, Dairy Farmer, Te Aroha

Marksons Farm

"I own several farms and spend a lot on fertiliser. I was confused about what to do so I called in the independent experts, agKnowledge. With there background in science they were able to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies and because they do not sell products they were able to recommend the least cost products suitable to the job. As a consequence fertiliser costs have decreased and production has increased on both farms.

Victor Rutherford, Dairy Farmer, Te Aroha

The outcome:
Since agKnowledge's involvement on my Te Aroha property MS production has increased by 38% and fertiliser costs per unit production have declined.

RICHE FARMShirley Riche


"Our farm was very sick. The pastures looked dead and there was very little clover. agKnowledge did a detailed assessment and discovered that the soils were deficient in K and Mo. Since corrected these limiting factors the farm has improved out of sight. It is very pleasing".

Shirley Riche, Diary Farmer, Tokoroa

The outcome:

Since 2002 total production has increased by 38%. Fertiliser cost are now very low at about $0.20 per kg MS.